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The Wadi Tribe (TWT) is an inclusive, immersive and diverse edutainment brand.
TWT helps develop emotional intelligence and social skills through entertaining & relatable characters, with whom kids can identify with & learn from …through edutainment.

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Tach and the Cosanthor

Tach and the Cosanthor is a children’s hurling book. It is the first book in a 5 part series. It is set  in ancient times, introducing the origins of the game and its importance in a community.

“Meet Tach, the tremendous, trustworthy, totally terrific turtle! Tach is teaming up with his friends Kaw and Turwa for a new and exciting adventure! Tach is in a spot of bother. He wants to play games with his friends, but he’s terrified of getting hurt. He much prefers Story Time with Saltur. After all, nobody ever got hurt listening to a story, right?

When Anya interrupts Story Time with a warning of dangers to come, Tach is accidentally swept up in the adventure of a lifetime! Set in ancient times, Tach learns to deal with life’s fears through hurling, being taught by one of the last great warriors, a Cosanthor called Renba.”


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