2-Kids Starter-Tach single hurl box with sliotar


A gift box with an Irish Handmade hurl and a sliotar. The reusable box has a sticker showcasing all the fun characters of The Wadi Tribe. Tach logo laser cut on the wood.

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Product: 1 Kids hurl
Age:3 -6 yrs
Hurl Material: Irish Ashwood
Sliotar: First Touch
Grip: Green
Product Dimensions: Hurl 20 inches
Shipping Weight: 4kg
Traditional handmade hurls from County Wexford, Ireland

Specifically designed to aid skill development amongst children, the high quality first touch sliotar is the perfect starter ball for any budding hurlers! The softer centre and overall larger size allows the young hurler to learn the skills of the game safely!


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