Lesson Plans

Thank you for taking the time to download the lesson plan and activity book. The information provided here is intended to complement our children’s books.
It’s intended to be both entertaining and educational, with a focus on primary themes of social and emotional learning (SEL).  TWT SEL programs have been carefully developed by a team of top educators, teachers and SEL experts.
Furthermore, the activities provided here were created with both in-person and virtual classes in mind. We hope this will assist you in making the books more than simply a fun narrative, but a tool you can use to help bring this book to life and make the teachings and values relevant for the children you care for.
Once again, thank you for adopting our books and sharing it with your children!

Highlighted below some of the main points about the programme and how it could be of benefit to you are your students.

  • The book is designed in conjunction with 8 easy to follow lesson plans. These lesson plans are created for a double class period of 60-80 minutes. A scheme of work is also included to allow for ease of planning and preparation.
  • Each lesson plan contains an introduction, 3-4 activities and a conclusion. The activities are designed to employ materials that are easily found in a classroom environment.
  • The lesson plans have suggestions for differentiation of the product, process and content to ensure they are suitable for students of all abilities.
  • The lesson plans are created to target the different learning styles to ensure all students are able to engage with the material, they contain activities aimed at visual, aural and kinaesthetic learners.
  • The development of social and emotional skills at a young age are an integral part of development growth, it is of particular concern in the post pandemic years where children missed out on opportunities to social connect due to the necessity of social distancing measures.
  • Social and emotional wellbeing skills teach students to identify their emotions, understand the links between their emotions, thoughts and behaviours, regulate emotions, thoughts and behaviours, develop a social awareness to take other students perspectives on situations, build and maintain healthy relationships with themselves and others and make good choices about their behaviour and interactions with others.
  • In a classroom setting this can manifest into reduced negative social behaviours and bullying and improved academic results due to an increase in students ability to focus and concentrate.
The following lesson plans are based on the book
Tach plays in Croke Park’.
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