The Wadi Tribe Emotional Intelligence (EI) Programs

Our Edutainment Story

The Wadi Tribe began as an entertainment firm, but after participating in multiple school focus groups, we realized the power of using TWT characters to educate children about mental wellbeing. The company’s education arm was added, and it became an edutainment company!

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence or EI is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions, and those of the people around you. People with a high degree of emotional intelligence know what they’re feeling, what their emotions mean, and how these emotions can affect other people.

For the Parent/Teacher/educator:

The Wadi Tribe (TWT) is an inclusive, immersive and diverse edutainment brand.

We have developed out TWT EI program based on CASEL’s 5 competencies and Harvards 12 skill sets. There are many programs based around our books, such as free lesson plans and accelerated reader program.
We’re all ears if you have any recommendations or ideas for how we might improve!

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

Social-emotional learning, commonly referred to by its acronym, SEL, is a method of promoting holistic child development by teaching students skills such as self-regulation, persistence, empathy, self-awareness, and mindfulness. Our programs are based on these 5 competencies.

For the Child/Student:

The Wadi Tribe and you will be learning skills to improve your emotional intelligence through social and emotional learning. These worksheets will be your place to interact with the games and stories, jot down your thoughts, and reflect on the activities.
The important thing is to have fun!

The Wadi Tribe is excited to start this journey with you.

Accelerated Reader Programs

AR is a computer tool that allows teachers/parents to track and control their students’ independent reading practice. Children choose a book that is appropriate for their reading level. When your child has completed the quiz, he/she takes a brief computer quiz. According to studies, children who read at least 35 minutes per day and have a 90% comprehension rate on AR quizzes make the most academic progress. As a result, both at school and at home, your child should have at least 35 minutes set out for reading.

Lesson Plans

Each book has 6-8 easy to follow lesson plans. Each lesson plan contains an introduction, 3-4 activities and a conclusion. The development of social and emotional skills at a young age are an integral part of development growth. The impact and outcome of these lesson plans can reduce aggressive behaviour, emotional distress and conduct behaviours. The programs help improve academic results due to an increase in student’s ability to focus and concentrate.

Wellbeing Program for COVID-19

These programs are specifically designed to help the student/child cope with the stresses of the pandemic. The impact of these programs have a proven track record of improving self-esteem, emotional intelligence, classroom behaviour and academic results. It also helps in reducing aggressive behaviour, emotional distress, inattention/impulsivity and conduct behaviours.

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