Welcome to our latest products featuring the adorable and determined little turtle, Tach the Hurler! Tach is a wee little turtle who lives in a far away land called WadiLand. He is part of The Wadi Tribe and lives with his mom. He loves to play Hurling with his best friends Turwa and Kaw. When he is not with friends he is often swimming in his pond and drinking his favourite kale juice.

We are excited to showcase our new range of products inspired by Tach and offer you exclusive discounts to make your shopping experience even better.

   Our team has been working hard to create a range of high-quality products that capture the spirit of Tach the Hurler. From hurls and sliotars to magnets and bags, we have something for all ages and interests. We believe that Tach’s determination, courage, and love for hurling is an inspiration to everyone, and we aim to embody those values in all our products.

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