School Wellbeing Program COVID-19 for Students & Teachers


CPD & Teachers Workshop
A Complete Teachers Resource toolkit with lesson plans.
This program is for ages 5-7 years old, targeting the Early Years and Lower Primary School. Focusing on students’ social and emotional learning needs during the pandemic. Includes social stories, activities, songs and much more, creating a holistic wellbeing program.


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CPD & Workshop. 
What is SEL? Dealing with Trauma. How to set up a SEL environment? Best implementation of the teachers resource toolkit.
Digital Download
Teacher resource toolkit-e-book
Colouring pdf of the book
Classroom Posters
1) Health & Safety
2) TWT ‘Meet the Characters’
3) TWT SEL guiding principles poster for staffroom
At Home Program COVID-19 for Kids & Parents
Digital Download
Colouring pdf of the book
NOTE: License is valid for one school branch for unlimited students within the age group.


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