The Adventures of Chee and Dae in Fropola (Ekindle)


This is the 4th book in the ‘Chee and Dae’ series. An adventure full of mystery and magic! Age 6-11yrs


Chee and Dae are back and ready for another adventure! But they’d better wrap up warm, because the CP Train is taking them on an icy escapade! In the wintry world of Fropola, Chee and Dae encounter creatures frozen in ice, cursed by Alme and his evil gang of seals. Aided by a forgetful penguin, a lumbering polar bear and an excitable bumblebee, Chee and Dae must journey through the frozen land to discover Alme’s evil plan and stop him once and for all.

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Audio CD, Board Book, Hardcover, Large Print, Loose Leaf, Paperback


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