Tach the Hurler Donates a Set of Hurleys and sliotars to Dubai GAA club

Tach the Hurler is a member of The Wadi Tribe (TWT)
TWT is an ancient community who live in the Wadi land.  Tach has learnt to play Hurling to overcome his anxiety and fears. Luckily for Tach he was taught by Renba, who is believed to be the last remaining Cosanthor, the protector of the tribe and the code.

‘Tach and the Cosanthor’ is the first book in the series about Tach the Hurler. All proceeds from the book are returned to local GAA clubs anywhere in the world.

The first batch of hurleys and sliotars was presented by the author Saniya Chughtai to Mr Daniel Farrell, the Chairperson of Dubai Celts. The equipment is inscribed with Tach’s logo and the Middle East GAA board stamp. 

Daniel Farrell, Chairperson Dubai Celts, Middle East GAA

Speaking on behalf of Dubai Celts, Mr Daniel Farrell said “this is an amazing way to promote hurling among our children.  It’s a great win win for us all and the books are a fantastic way to introduce the children to the game”.  This was echoed by Mr Stephen Twomey, Chairperson of the Middle Eastern GAA Board who said “it is not everyday we see a children’s book about a turtle who loves to play hurling and we are delighted that its a virtuous circle where the proceeds are recycled back into the GAA community.  We are very thankful to the Wadi Tribe for this initiative and are delighted to collaborate for everyone’s benefit’.

Founder and CEO of The Wadi Tribe, and author of the books, Saniya Chughtai

Saniya Chughtai was delighted to give back to the local GAA community saying
“I’ve always loved GAA and their ethos of  ‘where we all belong.’ I remember reading that hurling was an ancient warrior sport and the story of Tach just flowed. It was the fastest first draft I have ever written! Hurling is a true warrior sport and has its origins in the warrior codes of ancient Celtic history.  By sheer coincidence the Hurling All-Stars came to UAE last November and we launched the book at a reception in their honour.  I got to meet amazing players such as Kilkenny’s dynamo Richie Hogan, Wexford’s powerhouse Lee Chin and Antrim stalwart Neil McManus. I would love to see the bleachers full here with all nationalities in the future watching this amazing game. Little did I expect then that I would be in a position to gift a set of hurleys and sliotars to a local club, so it is with great honour I can do so, and I look forward to repeating this many times in many clubs as the book sells internationally.”

Tach and the Cosanthor

Tach the Hurler will be a series of 5 books for ages 4 to 7 years old. There are also books for younger ages, 3 to 5 years old, which will include ‘Tach Goes to Croker’ and ‘Tach Gets His Number’, due for release early next  year. Tach is a member of the Wadi Tribe which includes many eclectic characters who represent real life values. The core story being how he learns to overcome his fears through sport, in this case hurling!
The Wadi Tribe is imbued with Social Emotional Learning tenets based on the Harvard skill sets and the CASEL competencies which are proven to lessen emotional challenges in our children such as bullying, anxiety, stress and other common emotions children increasingly face on a daily basis.

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