🐢Tach the Hurler in Nepal🐢

For me no storytelling session is complete without Tach the Hurler. If you were to tell me 2 weeks ago I‘d be talking about Tach and Hurling in Kathmandu, I would not have believed you. But one of the joys of following your hearts, is to grab every opportunity the universe throws your way and that’s exactly what happened here.

🐢Tach the Hurler, Hurling and the GAA were all introduced to both the schools, Snow Manjushree and Bal Sarathi. And in Urdu/Hindi language! A first for me! These kids who were orphans and underprivileged kids were spellbound by the wee little turtle.

🐢They had never heard of Hurling before, and the most common response was, “Is that hockey?” Well, hasn’t ground hockey originated in Hurling?

🐢The children wanted to know more about hurling. I’m not sure how they’ll manage to play on the edge of the mountain, but they haven’t lost a football yet, so these amazing children may surprise us all! And you never know, one day the universe may make a Hurling trip happen.

🐢Wouldn’t it be great to have hurlers travel there and teach the kids Hurling? And even better, on my next trip I will bring a few hurleys and sliotars. Sending all positive energy to make this happen!

🐢Do watch the video clip till the end and hear the children all try and say hurling and sliotar! I love it!

🐢There are numerous photos and videos attached to this article that I hope will serve as a window into their world!
🐢Please contact us if you would want to support these children by giving books or in any other way.

🐢Want to donate a Tach book? Link in bio.
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