The Wadi Tribe & Suntop (MiddleEast) Partnership

Summer 2020 Program
The Wadi Tribe (TWT) has signed its first major corporate deal with a major food and beverage brand.
Suntop (Middle East), part of the CO-RO multi-billion US dollar global brand, has inked a deal for Summer 2020 with TWT to provide online storytelling sessions based on several of the books from the TWT publishing house, as part of the ‘Super Suntop Summer Camp’.

A Fun-Filled Edutainment Partnership

Folks, we have wonderful news.  TWT and Suntop have come together for Summer 2020 to bring you some very exciting programs.  Author Saniya Chughtai will read from several of her favourite TWT children’s storybooks during the Summer school-break 2020.  Everyone is welcome to join in and there are many prizes to be won.  All you have to do is go to the Suntop (Middle East) or TWT facebook page.  Follow us for regular updates on TWT Instagram or TWT Twitter.

What Value does the Partnership bring to the Market?

This partnership accelerates the audience of TWT from 100K followers to an audience of 2 million, and allows Suntop to engage their followers with the edutainment value of online storytelling. In these times of social distancing, there is great value in creating a global community online to share entertainment and meaningful values as we fully embrace the digital era.  Both Suntop and TWT share common values around healthy communities and mankind’s ancient art of storytelling.

Discover Magical Stories with the Wadi Tribe

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