2020 Global Children's Book Club & the book The Adventures of Chee and Dae in Majlis Jinn representing the letter O for Oman

Some exciting news all the way from San Francisco, Bay Area, California.
The Adventures of Chee and Dae in Oman is being featured as part of the 26 diverse picture books for the 2020 Global Children’s Book Club

Representing Oman for the letter O in The Global Children’s Book Club:

Preethi B Harbuck from #localpassportfamily contacted me about her amazing project The Global Children’s Book Club and asked if I would be interested to represent the letter O, for Oman with my book. My response was, YES!

Who is Preethi B Harbuck?

Her family of 7 feels passionately about learning through exploring, both here at home in the Bay Area, as well as all over the world. To date, they’ve traveled to 62 countries – 43 of those with kids in tow! They’ve lived across the East and West coasts of the United States, across 49 states.

About Saniya Chughtai:

Saniya Chughtai, author of ‘The Adventures of Chee and Dae’ Series

I was born in Karachi Pakistan and moved to Ireland, which became home for my two kids and I. After nearly 2 decades, we all moved to the Sultanate of Oman and it became home for a few years.

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What Inspired me to write ‘The Adventure of Chee and Dae in Majlis Jinn’

I met some amazing people and travelled to lovely places in Oman. During this time I was inspired to write a story about a place in Oman called Majlis Jinn. This would become my first children’s book as part of the series ‘The Adventures of Chee and Dae.’

Since then the book ‘The Adventures of Chee and Dae in Majlis Jinn” has been translated into Arabic! And I have written 4 more books creating a boxset for the series, ‘The Adventures of Chee and Dae”

The Adventures of Chee and Dae in Majlis Jinn Synopsis

Chee is a mischievous cheeky little chimp and loves to play football. Little did he know that some rain and a slippery mud slide would take him to a new friend and exciting adventures. That’s when he meets Dae, the lovely dolphin with whom he travels across the ocean and visits many exotic lands!

What date is The Adventures of Chee and Dae in Majlis Jinn being featured?

1st July 2020
Save the date in your calendar!

Where can you find the book:

Amazon for $14.99 (Black and white interior)
Kindle for $9.99
Available on Kindle Unlimited
Bookshop.org for $14.99 (you can support local bookstores and still shop online here!)
Abebooks for $14.53
Thewaditribe.com (Colour Interior. You can get a signed copy from the author here & a free book mark)

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All of this is so exciting, to see the story travelling from Oman all the way to San Francisco, California!

2020 Global Children’s Book Club
O for Oman will be showcased on 1st July 2020

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