Ireland Calls Radio Show since 1969- Inducted into Ireland Radio Hall of Fame in 2015

Interview by Treasa Goodwin-Smyth with Irish/Pakistani author Saniya Chughtai

When Saniya wrote Tach and the Cosanthor, it was her vision to take Tach the hurler’s legend global. So it was immensely exciting when Treasa from Ireland Calls radio station based out of New York, interviewed Saniya about Tach the hurler.
Saniya recalls when she first talked to Treasa, it was like talking to a longtime friend from Ireland. Treasa’s voice puts you immediately at ease and within seconds one feels  like you are in her living room having a chat over a cup of tea.

Treasa Goodwin-Smyth

Treasa moved to NYC in 1986 and has always been very involved in the Irish Community. She has worked behind the scenes as a researcher helping with WNBC’s coverage of the NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade and has now Co-Hosted eleven consecutive St Patrick’s Day Parade’s. During that time the parade has received 3 Emmy nominations.
Treasa Goodwin Smyth is also well known on the sporting scene
. Over twenty five years, she has been the voice of the All Ireland Finals on Fordham University Radio WFUV.
Treasa was the first female in the world to be involved in the coverage of these great finals on radio.
Treasa is a registered Professional Nurse and a marathoner. She also coaches Camogie to young girls. She also volunteers at training women to run for a healthy lifestyle. And she is the past President of the NY Co Cork Association.

Tommy Smyth

Tommy broke the mold of TV coverage, of the St Patrick ’s Day parade, when he became the first native born Irish person to announce this famed event. He followed this up by being chosen as Grand Marshal of the famed parade in 2008. Tommy has been behind the mic for more than 20 parades. In 2008 he was joined by Treasa and they became the first ever husband and wife team to announce the parade in it’s long history.

Aside from the parade Tommy is well known as ESPN’s Lead International soccer announcer. In 2010 he worked the World Cup final live from South Africa. This was Tommy’s fifth consecutive world cup on ESPN. Tommy also co-hosts Press Pass a soccer show that is heard worldwide and received 5 Telly Awards for his unique Broadcasting talent. Tommy Now Co- Hosts ESPN FC. and also a new show on Sirius XM Radio called “Grumpy Pundits” the show airs every Mon, Tue, Wed, and Thur, mornings from 9-11am. Tommy now Co Hosts the NFL on Amazon Prime Video every Thursday night with Co-Host Derek Rae.

Ireland Calls Radio Show

Ireland Calls has built up a loyal following in the Tri state area and is gaining traction worldwide now that the show is available on the net each Saturday on OR at 6 pm NY time.   In 2015 Ireland Calls Radio Show was inducted into the Ireland Radio Hall of Fame


Treasa's interview with Saniya

Click here to listen to the exciting interview by Treasa with Saniya, talking about Tach the hurler.

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